1 Flavors to Watch

According to the experts at McCormick, these are the top seven flavors expected to play a starring role on grills all across
America this season:

2 DIY Condiments

Do-it-yourself condiments are shaking up traditional burger, hot dog and sausage toppers, adding a personal touch. Customizing condiments can be as simple as adding herbs, spices and seasoning blends to store-bought favorites or as hands-on as making ketchup and pickles from scratch with homegrown ingredients.

3 5-Minute Marinating

Imagine achieving perfectly-marinated meats on the grill in less than five minutes. According to the experts in the McCormick Kitchens, 5-minute marinating is now within reach for grillers, with a hands-on technique that infuses popular cuts of meat with big flavor in less time than it takes to heat the grates.

4 Charred Fruit Drinks

Adding charred fruits to beverages is an easy way to deepen the flavor of summertime sips. Charring fruit imparts a sweet, smoky flavor and rich color, offering a welcome twist to classic summertime drinks like sangria, lemonade, frozen drinks and iced tea.

5 Social S'mores

Taking inspiration from the nostalgic grilled treat, this play on s'mores features a gooey Vanilla Mashmallow Creme that requires no roasting. Inventive combinations of flavors and toppings are sure to please any sweet tooth.

6 Smoke & Spice Pairings

Pairing the perfect spice blend with the right wood flavor takes grilling to new heights. This year's Grilling Flavor Forecast highlights how adding wood chips to gas and charcoal grills is an easy way to impart flavorful depth to meats, seafood and vegetables.

7 Breads on the Grill

Breads of all shapes, sizes and origins offer new flavors and textures for grillers to explore. With mouthwatering flavors and dips, breads are playing a starring role in outdoor meals — as the bun and beyond.

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